Finding Clive

Shirley Henderson as Mari in Finding Clive

When Mari, a forty-year-old autistic cleaner, finds out that her best friend Sanjay is getting married, she decides that the time has come for her to find a boyfriend. Mari already has a pin-up – a sexy dark-haired catalogue model that she calls Clive – and she wants her new boyfriend to be just like him. Wanting Mari to find happiness, Sanjay signs Mari up to a dating website: “Catalogue model required – must be called Clive.”

As potential Clives respond, Mari embarks on a series of dates, each of them disastrous in its own special way – mostly because Mari always tells the truth, which is never a good policy on a first date. Sanjay, feeling protective towards Mari, turns up to keep an eye out, in case anything goes wrong.

Things become complicated when Mari’s boss Phillip makes a pass at her, and Mari records the whole encounter on the digital camera which she carries everywhere. Phillip has to get that footage back (difficult) and keep Mari quiet (impossible!) before Mari’s truth-telling ruins his marriage to Hannah.

Sanjay begins to realize that he is falling in love with Mari, but his mother and fiancée are definitely not going to let that happen. Will Phillip delete the footage? Will Hannah ever forgive him? Will Sanjay stand up to his mother? Will Mari ever find her Clive? Or will Mari and Sanjay finally realize that they are made for each other?

Stars Roger Allam as Phillip, Shirley Henderson as Mari and Gemma Jones as Molly


Roger as Fred Thursday in Endeavour

Roger is currently appearing as DI Fred Thursday in the fourth series of the ITV series, Endeavour.

Set in the summer of 1967, the new series will see Morse (Shaun Evans) and Thursday (Roger Allam) struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives after the events of last year’s finale, with the new run of episodes picking up just two weeks after series three ended.

Written by series creator Russell Lewis, the new series will also apparently tie into the 30th anniversary of Inspector Morse on ITV, with many “respectful tips of the trilby” to the original series planned.

The series synopsis is as follows:

Endeavour waits to hear the result of his Sergeant’s Exam, and self-medicates to numb his heartache, but whisky and Tännhauser will only get a man so far. While Thursday and Win deal with their own sense of grief. Their home is empty, Sam gone to the Army and Joan… Who knows where?

The summer of 1967 is on the turn. Midsummer has been and gone but in Lovelace College a team of boffins is about to unveil a ‘thinking machine’ that will challenge the Soviets, and plunge Endeavour and Thursday into their most perilous, baffling and darkly terrifying case to date. White Heat. Cold War. And an immortal game that will cast the life of a friend into the hazard.

The stories that remain will take Endeavour and Thursday, together with the rest of Oxford’s Finest, into places hitherto unexplored – the worlds of 1960s pop; Doctors and Nurses; and an exploration of the English pastoral.

Returning alongside Evans and Allam are actors Anton Lesser, Sean Rigby, Dakota Blue Richards, Caroline O’Neil, James Bradshaw and Abigail Thaw, with new guest stars including Chris Fulton, Adam James, Tristan Sturrock and Gillian Saker.

Notably the series has also cast Wolf Hall’s James Lawrenson in the new series, a reference to the actor’s former role as Tony Richards in the first ever Inspector Morse episode and part of the 30th anniversary celebrations. Sounds like a birthday bash to remember.


Limehouse at The Donmar

From 2nd March 2017 Roger will be appearing at the Donmar Warehouse in Limehouse by Steve Waters. Roger plays the part of Roy Jenkins

One Sunday morning, four prominent Labour politicians – Bill Rodgers, Shirley Williams, Roy Jenkins and David Owen – gather in private at Owen’s home in Limehouse, east London. They are desperate to find a political alternative. Should they split their party, divide their loyalties, and risk betraying everything they believe in? Would they be starting afresh, or destroying forever the tradition that nurtured them?

Steve Waters’ thrilling new drama takes us behind closed doors to imagine the personal conflicts behind the making of political history.

Limehouse is a fictionalised account of real events. It is not endorsed by the individuals portrayed.

The last performance of this play is 15th April and tickets are currently very limited. For more information and booking details go here.