Year Title Character
2018 Conversations From a Long Marriage The Husband
2017 A Celebration on the Life of Back &nbsp:
2017 The Government Inspector The Governor
2016 A Christmas Carol Jacob Marley
2016 My Purple Scented Novel Reader
2016 Plum House Mungo Prynne
2015 Michael Frayn’s Matchbox Theatre Himself
2015 War and Peace General Kutuzov
2014 Cabin Pressure 1st Officer Douglas Richardson
2014 Testament of This Day Father
2012 With Great Pleasure Reader
2011 How Does That Make You Feel? Richard Fallon MP
2011 The Thank You Present Griff
2011 The Magnificent Andrea Barry
2011 Churchill’s Other Lives Winston Churchill
2011 A Midsummer Night’s Dream Nick Bottom
2011 Arguably Reader
2011 Money Henry Graves
2011 Cabin Pressure 1st Officer Douglas Richardson
2011 Living with Princes Michel de Montaigne
2011 Traitor’s Purse Reader
2010 Gilead John Ames
2010 What Do You Know DCI Parsons
2009 Travels Through France & Italy Reader
2008 Blythe Spirit Charles
2008 Will Smith’s Mid-Life Crisis Management Peter
2008 Cabin Pressure 1st Officer Douglas Richardson
2008 The Ring and The Book Guido Franceschini
2008 The Willows Algernon Blackwood
2007 Bought to Book Gervase
2006 Great Expectations Jaggers
2006 Master and Man Vasilii Andreich
2006 From Abstraction Fermat
2006 Whenever Martin/Bill/Nigel/Droid 3
2006 The Real Thing Max
2006 Lady Chatterley’s Lover Clifford Chatterley
2006 Peter Pan In Scarlet Ravello
2005 Trilby Svengali
2005 Middlemarch Sir James/Mr Vincy
2005 Dr Brighton and Mr Harding Gilbert Harding
2005 Father and Son Philip Henry Gosse
2004 Dionysos Lykurgos
2004 The Lovers of Viorne The Interrogator
2004 Laughter in the Dark Albert Albinus
2003 The Henderson’s Christmas Party: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Paul
2003 Chelsea Dreaming Chelsea Hotel
2003 Under the Net Dave
2003 Love Is an Existential Thing Kierkegaard
2003 Hopes and Desires Max
2003 Dionysos Lykurgos
2002 Radio 2 Arts Programme Interview
2002 Loose Ends Interview
2002 Milosevic in Black and White Milan
2002 The Detox Oliver
2002 Antony and Cleopatra Enobarbus
2002 The Idiot Rogozhin
2001 Woman’s Hour Drama: Les Miserables Jean Valjean
2001 My Last Duchess Duke
2000 The Cave of Harmony Thackeray
2000 Family Album Jasper
1999 The Rose and the Ring Thackeray
1999 The Inheritance Peter
1998 Decameron Boccaccio
1997 The Man In The Elephant Mask John Merrick
1997 Gaslight Mr. Manningham
1997 The Miles Kington Interview Dr Samuel Johnson
1997 The Diary of Samuel Pepys Charles II
1996 Cities of Dreams And Desires Isambard
1995 The Epping Jaundice Dr. Harty Kopelman
1995 The Years Between Michael Wentworth
1995 Selling the Archbishop Dyson
1985 Peter Grimes Peter Grimes
1995 Don Quixote Thomas Betterton
1993 Madame Bovary Rodolphe
1993 Kevin The Blue Reader
1992 Bound in with the Triumphant Sea De Puebla
1992 Force Reader
1992 Yuri Gagarin Reader
1992 The Duchess of Malfi Bosola
1992 The King’s General Sir Richard Grenville
1992 A View of the City From Westminster Bridge Isambard
1992 The New Party Oswald Moseley
1992 Les Liaisons Dangereuses Vicomte de Valmont
1991 Yabuhara: The Blind Master Minstrel Sugi no Ichi
1989 Summer Season Dermot
1988 Alcestis Admetos
1988 The Distinguished Thing Nick